About me

Howdy y’all!

It’s me…Frau Spencer!


…so…who is this Frau Spencer now…?!

My name is Christine Spencer, I am 30 years old, and I was born and raised in Horschbach, a small town in Germany, that me and my family often refer to as ‘The heart of Europe’. My roots explain my name Frau Spencer: In Germany we call a Mrs. a ‘Frau’.

So far so good…but what does the German ‘Frau’ do in Texas?

The love has brought me to America and -OH MY- the Land of the Free had me in AWE from the first moment on. I had the great opportunity to see quite a few states so far, but New Braunfels is what me and my little family call home for now and we sure do love it. And I mean…where else would a native German belong better than to New Braunfels with all its incredible German history.

…ok now…we still don’t know what’s going on here…

I am a freelance artist, who loves everything digital. I have served my folks in Germany as a photographer, web developer, and graphic designer for a good 7 years and created beautiful art with amazing people. My move to the US has changed many things but definitely not the love to photography.

My pictures are mostly COLORFUL, have some special touch of MAGIC, and I always do my best to help you and your family ESCAPE from the busy daily life for a little while.

I am a huge animal lover and love to include furry friends and family members into the sessions.

If you like what you see feel free to contact me with your inquiry!

WAIT A MOMENT…: what does she do when she doesn’t take pictures…?

I have studied Media and Computer Science at the Trier University of  Applied Science and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in January of 2019. I am actively searching for a job in the broad fields of IT support, or media marketing. I strongly believe, that you should love what you do as a job, but I still prefer the portrait photography to remain the escape from my daily life rather than to be a must every day.

***In case my dogs reads this:

I mean...secretly I would prefer to cuddle my Texas Heeler puppies all day and never leave their side to go to work...ever